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Ever thought about doing a Facebook+Twitter+Google mashup? How about integrating that with PayPal? Is setting up shipping options in your cart a pain? Adding different libraries form different sources add more complexity to your project and ends up to be hard to maintain. Eden simply a set of reusable components, that works with any PHP framework and CMS. Eden makes code logical and readable with dead simple syntax. Eden works with major players including:

Database Code Snippet:

//load database
    //search user table
    //WHERE user_gender = $_get['gender']
    //ORDER BY user_id
    //LIMIT 75, 25
    //get a collection object
    //sets all users to active
    //Set a new column post_title
    ->setPostTitle('A '.$_GET['gender'].'\'s Post')
    //Set a new column post_detail
    ->setPostDetail('Content is King')
    //Copy the contents of user_id to a new column post_user
    ->copy('user_id', 'post_user')
    //Set a new column post_created
    ->formatTime('post_created', 'Y-m-d H:i:s')
    //save to user table
    //save to post table

Download Disini

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