Cygwin Shell – Set up X Server


step by step:
Create the file~/.xinitrc. with just this one line:

exec wmaker

There are several possibilities for doing so:

  • Edit/create it in the Cygwin shell, e.g.,
    nano ~/.xinitrc


    vim ~/.xinitrc
  • Edit/create it in Windows. The file name is probably:

Then start the X server from the Cygwin shell:

$ xinit

This should start the WindowMaker window manager. The terminal you need, xterm, is easily activated by double-clicking the blue terminal icon on the right-hand side. A more complete menu (which may not be too useful) can be gotten by right-clicking on the screen. This should start the openbox window manager. You should be able to right-mouse-click on the screen and bring up the menu which says Openbox at the top. Choose the first menu item, an xterm. Again, if you have an account on the WCU computer science student Linux server, you can use X-forwarding from this server to your computer running Cygwin/X. As an example, we forwardxemacs as follows:

$ ssh -Y -l MY_TAZ_LOGIN
[taz]$ xemacs &

Note that the usual option to invoke X-forwarding is “-X”, but we need to use the fake-authenticated replacement “-Y” in this situation.

Download Cygwin in original website [Download]

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